36 covers that made history

Over the course of 144 issues, in magazine has remained committed to sharing every amazing angle on Latin America with the world. From regional cuisine – varied, colorful, and multifaceted – to the most contemporary forms of creation (like street art), the covers of in have always featured playful, sometimes daring, ideas with the aim of reflecting the spirit of a continent.
In this selection, which includes several international award-winning issues, nine key individuals, who played key roles in the development of the magazine, recall the work, the ideas, and the stories behind some of these outstanding covers.


Raymond Girard

President content, Spafax
2004 – present

Mayo 2004

“Creating this first edition of in magazine was an adventure in itself. Getting a model and team to the top of a mountain for the photo shoot – with a team of donkeys – wasn’t just a lot of fun, it also represented a distinct approach to storytelling for LAN, mixing places, people, traditions, and a modern attitude.”

nov 2015

“This humorous LEGO-themed cover is proof that in magazine had a special knack for tapping into the cultural zeitgeist!”



Daniela Vicuña

Editor-in-chief, in
2012 –present

Mayo 2013

“Creating an image for a concept as intangible as the avant-garde wasn’t easy. A map, but not of countries and borders. A net, but not the kind used by fishermen. A world of connections that captures a groundbreaking and innovative spirit, while showing how Latin America has created an exotic and truly special universe.”

“In 2010, we decided to raise our glasses and celebrate the best wines in the region and around the world. This led to inWines, an exclusive magazine that always had the aim of helping readers discover the magnificent and expansive universe of reds and whites. The covers illustrated by Latin American artists presented ingenious perspectives on different wine-growing regions.”



Paula Calvanese

Director of media and reading materials, LAN
2004 – 2010

octubre 2007 c
“This cover was for the first special issue we did on food, and we were really nervous about how well the team’s idea would come across. The result simply surpassed all expectations!”
Julio 2007
“By far my favorite of the covers we did while I was in charge of the magazine. Silence was not an easy concept to convey, but I think this picture worked perfectly.”


The number of travel features that have been published in the 144 issues of in.



Ignacio Poblete

Art director, in
2013 – present

nov2016 nueva

“This intervention on a wall in downtown Lima was unforgettable. The work of Peruvian artists Elliot Túpac and El Decertor marked a milestone for the magazine’s covers.”

Abril 2013

“Our collaboration with Argentinean Illustrator Pablo Lobato really paid off. His work received the 2013 Best Cover Award at the MAGs from Chile’s National Press Association.”.


Cristián Gálvez

Art director, in
2006 – 2012

Octubre 2008

“The October issue dedicated to food was the most stressful publication of the year, but also my favorite. We would showcase ingredients in their essence: uncooked, unadorned, with no effects. Thanks to the expert eye of photographer Macarena Achurra, we got chef Tomás Olivera to help us produce the images for the 2008 edition. It’s still one of my favorites.”

Roberto Schiattino

Director of content, in
2012 –present

Febrero 2013

“It’s tough to pick a single cover, but if I had to, I’d choose this one. Not just for the degree of detail in the art – a piece that we created long distance with a designer in India – but also because the entire issue is fascinating, covering every angle of Brazilian culture from the perspective of its people.”



Paula Fontaine

Editorial director, in
2004 – 2012

junio 2009

“I adore this cover. Succinct, different: it says it all.”

Julio 2005

“Once upon time, we would dedicate an entire issue to a single theme. This was my favorite approach, because it was fascinating to look at an idea or concept from so many different points of view. Several of these issues received international awards.”



Soledad Ramírez

Editor-in-chief, in
2006 – 2012

mayo 2009

“I think this was a great cover. It was an accurate reflection of what we wanted to say as a magazine: that our continent is a source of joy, color, passion, imagination, and adventure.”

Enero 2005
“During the first or second year of the magazine a lot of creativity – and sweat – went into making each section connected to the main theme in one way or another.”



Gabriela Lewin

In-flight entertainment and onboard media coordinator, LAN
2012 –present

“Intelligent, direct, and creative, this cover dedicated to great geniuses throughout history was one of our finest achievements. Designed by artist Isidro Ferrer, it had a brilliance all its own.”


The number of passengers who have been able to read in since its first issue in 2004 through the present day, equivalent to five times the population of Argentina.



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