LATAM’s New VIP Lounges

Latin American Beauty

Relaxation and elegance, Internet connections and fine cuisine: your trip begins in high style with LATAM Group’s new VIP lounges. Avant-garde design and architecture reflect the region’s soaring status.




Total Relaxation

Pleasant natural light from a large window illuminates the tables. Nearby, an imposing 750-square-foot copper “curtain” hangs from the second floor, along the main staircase. The semi-transparent metallic mesh of this piece, crafted by Colombian artist Jorge Lizarazo, captures the shining spirit of Latin America.

Located on the fourth and fifth floor of Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, the largest VIP lounge in South America can accommodate up to 460 guests. The spacious 23,000-square foot area incorporates fine materials – wood, stone, onyx, leather and marble – in an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional space that showcases a key element common to all of these VIP lounges: the recognition of local cultures, seen here in the incorporation of Mapuche ceremonial altars called rehues.

In Santiago and in the other lounges throughout the region, Mathias Klotz and Lillian Allen were responsible for the architecture and design, in association with the internationally renowned Studio Putman. One of the main objectives was to promote peace and calm through comfortable materials and a soothing distribution of space. Located near the preferred passenger check-in area, the lounge is a place to rest and disconnect before or between flights. Guests enjoy high-quality services, as well as gourmet fare and a variety of drinks and beverages. For longer waits, there are ten individual shower rooms, a sleeping area and an entertainment zone. And on the second floor, in the north wing, watching aircraft take off and land becomes a delightful pastime in an area set aside for relaxation. Waiting for a flight has never been so enjoyable.




Leather & Mate

If you’re one of those travelers who needs to work before a trip or between flights, this lounge at Argentina’s Ezeiza International Airport is the perfect spot. The welcoming aesthetic for which the LATAM Group VIP lounges are known is accented with fine materials like leather and complemented by the best services and facilities, including a spacious table for meetings, Wi-Fi and computers in the business center.

The cozy decoration of the 6,000-square-foot lounge emphasizes the importance of local culture by incorporating iconic objects, like a collection of containers used to drink mate. The buffet menu offers a wide variety of dishes, all courtesy of Argentinean chef Rodrigo Sieiro. To relax and recharge your batteries, there are showers as well as ironing and shoe-shining services in this comfortable and business-minded lounge.




Tropical Aromas

At nearly 20,000 square feet and with a capacity for 450 guests, the VIP Lounge at São Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport is an elegant and sophisticated space that boasts ample natural light, a wonderful view of the airport and décor based on fine, natural materials. The main room, with its stylish furniture from Breton, invokes the concept of “the balcony,” an empty space, hanging in mid-air, that encourages relaxation and contemplation. While waiting for their flights, passengers can enjoy the entertainment center with tablets, video games and WiFi. There are also tables and chairs in different areas, complete with power sockets and USB ports. In addition, the lounge features private showers and the Trousseau line of bath products, with essences of Brazilian tropical fruits.




Style & Comfort

Tones of blue and gray and textures of steel and stone set the stage in the stylishly renovated, 7,400-square-foot VIP lounge at Bogotá’s El Dorado Airport. Using the “balcony” concept to promote rest and relaxation, the lounge also incorporates several important local touches, such as furniture produced by the Colombian firm Zientte, which includes comfortable rocking chairs. Jorge Lizarazo – the famous local artist who made the spectacular copper hanging for the Santiago lounge – also crafted the metallic fixture that separates the men’s and women’s bathrooms, a creative representation of the code for this airport in Cundinamarca. In addition, passengers will enjoy a range of other amenities, including a children’s section, a relaxation area featuring lovely chaise lounge chairs, a meeting room for business travelers and a wide selection of food, wine and spirits.



These new havens of rest and relaxation will soon be joined by the Miami lounge operated by LATAM Group, which will be renovated according to the company’s demanding standards for infrastructure and service. in

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