The best of both worlds

Embracing past and future, East and West, Turkey thinks big and takes massive action.



When completed, the airport will have six runways.



Set to open in May 2015, the third bridge over the Bosphorus will cost US$2.5 billion.

Turkey loves winning international accolades. The country with the largest city in Europe (Istanbul) and membership in the club of MIST countries for its emerging-market economy will soon complete a new accomplishment: the construction of a third international airport, the largest ever built, with an annual capacity of 150 million passengers (more than the total passengers that passed through the Dubai Airports and London’s Heathrow in 2014). About a year ago, Turkey added another record breaker: the world’s first underwater rail line linking Europe and Asia. The Marmaray project was first imagined by the Ottoman sultans more than a century ago. In 2015, a third bridge will be built over the Bosphorus and a second tunnel constructed under it. Turkey is on the move, conquering the 21st century.



The tunnel beneath the Bosphorus is 8.5 miles long.



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