A Time for Reflection



It seems likely that the reason you’re traveling today has to do with the end of 2015. Maybe it’s to celebrate with someone close to you, to spend time with your family for the holidays or to find a new destination to ring in the New Year.

But the end of the year isn’t just an excellent time for get-togethers, it’s also a time for reflection, when we allow ourselves to reassess where we are and – sometimes – to start over from scratch.  

Ancient civilizations would recognize the beginning of a new season by honoring their gods, representing what they were leaving behind and what was to come. Ceremonies, dances and processions are a hallmark of these days. Bad energies are burned away with the goal of starting fresh.

In these days of “hyperconnectivity,” it has become increasingly difficult to take this valuable break and stop for a moment to contemplate what we’ve done during the year, what we’ve learned and what we want to try for the first time as we face the coming year. While 2015 may have been difficult, particularly for our continent, after some personal reflection, it’s exceedingly worthwhile to connect with how we really want to live and what we want to achieve, with a special focus on the positive and unique moments of the past year.

“Insanity [is] doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It has been decades since Einstein made this observation, but it seems more relevant than ever. I invite you to take this flight as an opportunity to plan for the coming year from a different perspective, to be bold and pursue dreams that have been put on hold, with authenticity and determination.

For LAN and TAM, 2015 will be remembered as an unforgettable year. It marked the inauguration of LATAM, the new brand and image to be adopted over the coming year by all of the airlines that make up LATAM Airlines Group. This milestone sets the bar for one of our primary challenges in 2016; it is the product of much thought and many conversations with our passengers and the people who make up LATAM. We want to create a colorful, 100-percent Latin American concept, a new image that will take the dreams of our passengers even further.

Have an excellent end of the year, a happy holiday season and may your dreams come true in 2016.



Ignacio Cueto Plaza
CEO LAN Airlines

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