The Secret Journey

When we fly, we spend a lot of time looking out the window, as though out there, among the clouds, in the immensity of the sky, we could connect with our deepest secrets, those details that reflect who we really are, what so few know, our hopes and fears, our most heartfelt desires and beliefs. Whether we share them or keep them to ourselves, looking at our secrets can offer a voluntary, healing exercise or a profound, unexpected experience. In any case, examining our secrets up close connects us with a more intimate, more fragile and more personal part of ourselves, revealing our experiences, our feelings and our expectations.

I once read that secrets play an important role for the individual, offering proof of our existence and our cognitive autonomy. Secrets connect us with our complexity, and in that space, we become our own best friend. It’s as though having a thought that no one knows about helps us reinforce our individuality, and every day, we choose which of these thoughts to share and which we prefer to keep in our personal logs. As Swedish writer Stieg Larsson put it: “Everyone has secrets. It’s just a matter of finding out what they are and deciding what we want to do with them.”

The more you think about secrets, it becomes clear that they are just as important in our lives as memories, fantasies and dreams. While we can’t always reveal all our secrets – and that’s for the best – sometimes sharing them with someone else can be a liberating and enriching experience, especially when doing so allows us to improve our lives and feel happier. In any case, secrets are welcome, whether we want to share them or not!

At LAN, we’re aware of the fact that every trip is an opportunity to connect with our secrets. Every day, we work to make your travel experience live up to your expectations when you choose to fly with us. In a complex industry, we can’t always meet your every expectation, and I hope our apologies help in these cases. But I’d like to take this opportunity to share a secret with you: in everything we do, in everything we think of and implement in the airlines that make up the LATAM Airlines Group, our customers and our passengers are our main priority. And perhaps that’s the secret that has kept us flying together for so many years.

I invite you to enjoy your flight,


Ignacio Cueto Plaza
CEO LAN Airlines

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