The Art of Simple Pleasures




“Enjoyment” is a word that can mean something different to each of us. The dictionary defines it as “experiencing pleasure or joy through someone or something.” Yet as simple as it may seem, we don’t always realize in an automatic and natural way that we’re enjoying something. Rather, we have to make a conscious effort to recognize and value these often fleeting moments that fill us with happiness.

Sometimes we make the mistake of associating enjoyment with things we have yet to obtain, thus missing out on many moving experiences: that complicit glance exchanged with our first love, holding our child in our arms for the very first time, a brilliant conversation with friends, dipping our feet in the ocean, planning a trip and many other moments that make up our lives. Enjoyment is closely linked with the most basic human emotions: love, humor, passion, curiosity, thrill and a sense of accomplishment. Learning to enjoy the simple things around us is a positive attitude that can be reinforced on a daily basis; it’s just a matter of putting your mind to it. Plus, the ability to enjoy things has the added benefit of being contagious, spreading this good feeling around.

The ancient Egyptians believed that when their souls reached the afterlife, the guardians of heaven would ask them two questions that determined their entry into paradise: “Did you enjoy your life?” and “Were you a source of joy to others?” I think that to answer these questions, we have to understand enjoyment more as a path than a goal, something that we must be aware of as much as possible, in order to experience it and share it with others.

For some of you, this trip may be ordinary and routine, while for others, it’s novel, a gateway to adventure. Whatever the case may be, why not make this flight an opportunity for pleasure and enjoyment? Why not sit back in your seat, loosen your shoes, read the first few pages of a new book or enjoy a movie with a glass of wine? Why not take the opportunity to write a letter, make a list of dreams that you’d like to realize, chat with the person sitting next to you or simply lie back and relax?

Dear passenger, I invite you to not let routine, hassles and obligations get in the way of the simple pleasures that each day brings from the moment we wake up, to find excitement and joy in the most everyday things, to be attentive to everything that can cheer our souls and lift our spirits. Personally, I must confess that I enjoy sharing this space with you every month.

Thank you for flying with us. Enjoy your trip!


Ignacio Cueto Plaza
CEO LAN Airlines

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