Our Beloved Latin America

The rest of the world sees Latin Americans as truly warm people for whom family, diversity, simplicity and joy form a fundamental part of the culture. And despite the fact that we live on a continent where it seems like the economic resources will never equal existing needs, we strive to maintain an optimistic outlook, valuing good cheer and hospitality.

Each Latin American is different, and each country has its own traditions, customs and specific history, but our shared legacy is considerable. It’s a legacy that speaks about the affection we feel for our land and its unique geography.

We will always be linked to our past and our way of life. Our history has made us resilient; it has taught us to overcome various natural disasters and other hardships that may affect the economic, political and social realities in many of our countries. But hope is always there, reminding us that we will always rise again, reinventing our region’s destiny over and over.

“In Latin America, the marvelous can be found around every corner, in the chaos, in our picturesque cities, in our street signs, in our vegetation and natural wonders and, above all, in our history.” That’s how the Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier described us nearly four decades ago.

A warm simplicity and respect for our roots contributes to the legacies of LAN and TAM. It encompasses both our continent and the visitors who decide to explore our magnificent, wild and pristine natural landscapes that make this part of the world so unique, different from all other regions on the planet. At LAN, we’re proud to promote nature tourism on a human scale. Latin America is home to Lake Titicaca, the Amazon, Iguazu Falls and the Uyuni Salt Flats, as well as the impressive Atacama Desert, the Andes Mountains and Patagonia. And any list would be incomplete without the beautiful coasts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Antarctic.

The beauty of these lands – their textures, colors and tones, as warm as their inhabitants – is nearly incalculable. And these same people are at the heart of LAN, part of the essence of an airline where service and people are our top concerns and part of a legacy that defines us, a spirit we will never abandon, especially when we are writing a new chapter in our history as we build a new, genuinely Latin American brand: LATAM.

Thank you for joining us on this flight.


Ignacio Cueto Plaza
CEO LAN Airlines

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