Putting Ourselves in Someone Else’s Shoes




There are few qualities as positive – yet at the same time, as difficult to achieve – as empathy, that uniquely human ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Connecting with what another person is going through can be transformative in every way, even physically! That’s why we say that laughter and tears are “contagious,” thanks to our ability to understand and take on another’s most optimistic joy or deepest pain.

“It’s never too late to develop empathy,” says Mary Gordon, author of the book Roots of Empathy and an expert in the field. Gordon explains that despite being an innate human characteristic, empathy can always be fostered and strengthened throughout our lives.

For example, exercising empathy requires us to focus all our attention on someone else when they are talking. We have to stop thinking about what we want to say or what we would do in their place and simply listen and understand their situation. Only after we’ve really absorbed the emotional message that a person wants to convey can we perceive the need they are asking us to fulfill, whether it be a response or simply a sympathetic ear.

What’s more, some experts say that empathy is “the secret to success,” and this belief is borne out every day as we see the best in people shine when there’s a real understanding of the joy and pain of others. This is especially true in a world in which we’re more and more connected with a greater number of people through a growing number of networks. In this context, empathy is an even more valuable quality and one that we should strengthen.

Dear passenger, at LAN we are attentive to your feelings and your dreams, which is why we constantly strive to get to know you better and empathize with your needs. We are aware that we sometimes get things wrong, but we’re making a real effort to continue to improve our lines of communication, our service and our punctuality in order to make your trip a positive experience in every way.

Thank you for choosing to fly with us. Have a great trip!


Ignacio Cueto Plaza
CEO LAN Airlines

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