There Are No Impossible Dreams

Countless times, we’ve been told that something is totally impossible. That attempting a titanic undertaking is a waste of time. That we shouldn’t bother to start a personal project or dream about a trip that will probably never happen. But history is filled with “impossible” achievements that were realized by people who simply wouldn’t take no for an answer, who pursued their objectives despite the obstacles. These examples motivate us to achieve our most challenging goals. In the end, those who are able to transform the improbable into a source of energy to achieve their goals are the ones who triumph.  

“Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible,” said astute British athlete Doug Larson.

What would become of us without these “impossible dreams”? Without having set these extraordinary goals that changed the course of our careers, our families and our lives? These are the great achievements that forge our personal history, where even failed attempts can pave the way for success. Dreaming of the impossible makes us grow, and there’s no such thing as defeat when it comes to dreams.

No one thought Christopher Columbus would discover a new continent or that man would reach the moon or send a robot to explore the surface of Mars. The geniuses who dreamed up the tunnel under the English Channel were also told their idea would never work. It’s a mystery how Michelangelo managed to paint the frescos in the Sistine Chapel and how the inhabitants of Easter Island built and moved the moai statues from their quarries. These great works were accomplished thanks to boundless tenacity. They knew that what appears to be the most difficult is what changes the world. The mere fact of being in the air right now, traveling from one continent to another in a matter of hours, is something that seemed unthinkable just a century ago.

At LAN, we realize that putting new ideas into practice can be hard, but it’s never impossible. We are constantly working to reformulate the travel experience, thinking of new projects with the goal of better meeting your needs. With this commitment in mind, we have met some challenges that seemed quite difficult, like offering one of the most modern fleets in the world, becoming one of the first airlines in South America to offer an entertainment system for mobile devices, and developing apps that allow you to check in, access your LANPASS card and even check your flight status. We’re very happy with our innovations, which include the recent inauguration of our new VIP lounge in Santiago, the largest in South America and the fourth LAN and TAM lounge joining those recently opened in São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Bogotá. These are some of our “impossible” dreams, all designed to make your flight experience with LAN and TAM more memorable.

Thank you for choosing to fly with us.


Ignacio Cueto Plaza
CEO LAN Airlines

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