True Friends

“He who has a true friend can say that he has two souls,” wrote Arturo Graf. The Italian poet was reflecting on the importance of the profound bond between lifelong friends, relationships that parallel those with our romantic partner or our family and turn out to be just as essential. Sancho Panza and Don Quixote. Thelma and Louise. One doesn’t exist without the other.

Our faithful friends and accomplices are with us in the good times, the bad times, and the in-between. They keep secrets and offer a shoulder to cry on and an opportunity to share our joys. They don’t judge us when we fail, but give it to us straight.

Unconditional friends share a true affection, silent and willing. They may be friendships born in schoolyards or on teenage escapades, when we dreamed of doing the impossible. Or they may have appeared later in life, on a trip, at a bar, or in some unlikely situation. We preserve the most honest and strongest of these bonds throughout our entire lives. They are unaffected by age, color, or creed. They are friendships forged over coffee, a beer, or a glass of wine.

The Spanish word for friendship is “amistad.” It comes from the Latin amicitas, which derives from amare (to love). We love our families because they’re part of our DNA. We love our friends because we choose to, because we connect on a certain level. Together, we create a lifelong shared narrative.

In Latin America, the friendliness of our people is one of our most distinctive traits. Ours is an engaging continent, filled with people who create ties wherever they go. Travelers who come to this part of the world for the first time feel the warmth, intimacy, and almost instantaneous friendship offered by its people. Friends who bond over long conversations, games of dominoes on the streets of Havana, checkers in Santiago’s Plaza de Armas, or soccer matches every weekend.

For many of you, LAN has always been part of your lives. We’ve been there since your childhood, on trips that led to true and lasting friendships. We’ve listened to your dreams, and we have shared ours with you, which has inspired us to build a new brand, more intimate and genuinely Latin American: LATAM.

We’re thrilled when you express your friendship and loyalty to us, and we strive daily to live up to that trust by providing deeply committed service. We want to keep building a continent where new friendships can be forged wherever you go.

Happy travels.


Ignacio Cueto Plaza
CEO LAN Airlines

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