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Enjoy the poems of Neruda, watch the final of the Copa América, savor some cebiche, experience the thrill of Carnaval – these are some of the deepest expressions of being Latin American. We’re passion, optimism, color, jogo bonito. We may hail from different countries, but from the Andes to the Amazon, our hearts beat to the same rhythm and swell with pride.
We’re Chilean, Brazilian, Peruvian, Colombian, Argentinean, Paraguayan, Ecuadorian, Bolivian, Mexican, Uruguayan and Venezuelan.

As the well-known writer Gabriel García Márquez once explained: “In Latin America, I don’t have a sense of frontiers or borders. I’m conscious of the differences that exist from one country to another, but in my mind and heart, it is all the same.” That same feeling of a unified continent that García Márquez describes is what makes it possible for a group formed by airlines as unique as LAN and TAM to exist, and it’s what inspires us join together to offer an interpretation of Latin America as a whole and to provide a world-class service.

This same feeling also gives rise to LATAM – the new brand that LAN and TAM will adopt beginning next year. And while it may seem an obvious route, it’s a brand that brings together the best of both airlines and that interprets the region most fully.

LAN and TAM leave solid legacies behind them. Both are globally recognized and tremendously loved brands that, over all these years, have earned a place in the hearts of many of our passengers and employees. We believe that with LATAM we are building a brand that represents us like no other could, a brand that will soon become as special as those of our predecessors, to you and to each of the 53,000 individuals who make up this Latin American airlines group.

It will take time to create the LATAM experience, and it’s a process that we will undertake with our sights firmly set upon our passengers and crews. Beginning next year, you 
will see our new logo take flight on some of our aircraft, as well as on uniforms, at sales offices 
and on these very pages.

Thank you for flying with us, and welcome to LATAM.


Ignacio Cueto Plaza
CEO LAN Airlines

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