Rossina Bossio

TEXT: Lorena Machado Fiorillo



The little girl who carried sketchbooks everywhere she went is now a 28-year-old artist fascinated with composition and light, and women are her favorite subjects. One of the young rising stars in Colombian art, Rossina Bossio’s contemporary figurative painting reveals an expressionist inspiration with touches of surrealism. Her latest series, Extraña (Strange), which took her more than a year and a half to finish, was shown at the LGM gallery in Bogotá and curated by the renowned Eduardo Serrano. This same series by the Bogotá native has been also been shown at the Imperial City Art Museum in Beijing and at the Grand Palais in Paris. In January 2015, Extraña will open at Singapore’s prestigious Art Stage.

In your work, the female figure has a strong presence. What are you thinking about when you create?

“I’ve painted only women since 2007. At first, it was because I wanted to resolve concerns about the issue of gender roles and the traditional conception of femininity in society. Today, it’s because I find them much more beautiful. When creating, I follow the images that I see in my mind. I want to materialize them on a canvas or with a camera. Some time after finishing the work, I discover what prompted it; in other words, the explanations for my works come after I’ve created them.”

What message do you want your work to give?

“I want the viewer to question their conception of beauty and realize it can be found in the most unlikely places.”

Which artists do you admire?

“British painters like Jenny Saville and Lucian Freud for the stark beauty of their brushstrokes and because they never compromised their creative vision, even under the pressure of a confused and heterogeneous art scene.”


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